At Ladhams & Sons we use 2 different materials for restumping or reblocking.

We offer solid concrete blocks, these are used in homes with smaller clearance under the home. We also use adjustable steel stumps which are used on homes with larger clearances and homes that are prone to movement.

Ladhams & Sons use quality, long term materials suited to restumping.

What is Restumping or Reblocking?

Restumping or Reblocking is the process of replacing the exsiting supporting stumps under homes or buildings. The stumps may need to be replaced due to deterioraton of stumps (water or salt damage), subsidence (movement).

restumping before and after.jpg

Deteriorated (hollow) concrete block replaced with solid concrete block and levelled.

Do I need Restumping?

You may only need a partial restump if most of the stumps are in good condition except one problem area (generally after a leak in bathrooms or kitchen), Or you may need a full restump (common with timber stumps).


If you have cracks in interior or external walls, flooring issues (uneven, sloping or bowed), trouble closing or opening doors or windows, visually see deterioration of stumps then its recommended you arrange an inspection before the problem gets worse and the home becomes unsafe.

Concrete Block - Restumping.jpg

New Concrete Blocks levelled.